Timeless. Passionate. Experienced.

Creating cinematic art on film is a window into the past, all while keeping an eye on the future. The medium of film allows for artistic expression beyond the limits of digital alone. We keep with the traditions of filmmakers past, while embracing the digital post-production of the future.

Helping filmmakers realize their dreams, one frame at a time.

Rivertown Filmworks is dedicated to the success of your project. From elaborate Super16 projects scanned to 4k or 6k digital, to Super8 projects with a basic SD or HD film scan, we can help you create the images that not only match your vision, but also your budget.

Rivertown Filmworks has over 25 years experience in motion picture film production and almost 20 years in digital post-production experience to help make your project a success.

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Our Services

Film Production

We shoot on genuine Kodak Motion Picture Film in both Super-16mm and Super-8 formats. Super 16 is suited for 4k or higher digital post production, whereas Super-8 is more suited for a vintage look up to HD quality.

Equipment Rental

For those wanting to produce their own material, we offer rental of both Super16 and Super8 motion picture film equipment. In addition, we offer rental of tripods, cranes, and dollies.

Post Production & Processing

We can handle processing and digital scanning, as well as digital post production services. From conception to release, we are here for you.